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I'm a guy who draws & the keeper of the power of pens.
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Current Creative Workshops and Art Experiences.

Artist, collector, husband, father, dancer and keeper of the power of pens. The power of pens compels me!

Who is HMOP?

I used to refer to myself as an 'Insider Artist'. I would draw and create prolifically but never really share or exhibit my work at all. As I began to engage the world at large as an artist who draws I jokingly came up with the artist identity the Heroic Master Of Pens / HMOP (which is actually derived from one of my favourite 1980's toy lines The Masters Of The Universe) and it kind of stuck.

I work primarily in ink pen on paper. I feel that when you apply the ink to the paper there is a element of risk but this process makes you more mindful of the marks you make.

The drawings I do relate very strongly to pop culture in particular comics, film, TV and 1980's toy motifs. I lie to have fun when I draw, asking my self 'why can't I draw that?'. As a result the subject matter is often absurd with an element of humour.

While I am always creating my own work, often with several concepts on the boil, I am always open to working with others. I am happy to create commissioned work, drawings for you or as a gift for others. I do ask that you have a look at my work first and see that it suits what you are looking for.

Contact me and let's see what we can create.

The Artist and the Teacher

I have been a teacher working in Early Childhood for Fifteen years and an artist for even longer. As a teacher I valued children's original ideas and the way they approach a creative activity as an opportunity to express imagination to communicate their thinking and make meaning.

As an artist and a person I derive real joy from being involved with people in a creative context. I have instigated creativity initiatives in Bermagui, Shoalhaven and Wollongong working with participants of all ages. This has lead to the creation of my Visual Arts entity For Art Tho. I aim to create a context in these creative workshops and art experiences where a sense of fun and imagination can thrive. I always encouraging individuals to be open and participate while trying different approaches and techniques to create a dialogue that helps them communicate and express their ideas more effectively.

I am open to engaging in Visual Arts experiences with individuals of all ages from the early years to primary and after school care settings. I have previously worked with young adults and adults in workshop settings. I would be very willing to engage in creative experiences such as private lessons and hosting workshops with small groups.

If you want to develop your artistic potential, please get in contact with me.
Artist / Facilitator / Teacher

I often use this analogy when someone says 'I am not creative' or 'I wish I could draw'. I see imagination and our hands with which we create as muscles that are developed through consistent exercises. To prepare these 'muscles' for a specific purpose you need to think about what you do or something you like or have seen and wish to work toward. Your skill level doesn't matter. If you are wiling to participate then I willing to share with you what I have learned as someone who has drawn and created artwork for most of my life.

For Art Tho is about creative workshop and art experiences that aim to create meaningful interaction and engagement with the Visual Arts for participants aged from the age someone can draw and interact with an adult and beyond. For Art Tho creates open ended experiences where imagination, expression, creative and individual approaches of all participants are integral.

Together we will reflect upon creative potential asking 'What we can make with and do with our hands and minds?'. This is vital in developing an imaginative mind set. By facilitate and engage with participants, assisting with and demonstrating techniques and creative approaches, Increased fine motor strength and skill, encouraging lateral thinking and creative problem solving in a non digital tactile context - we will assist you to gain a broader understanding of their own imagination and true creative potential.

For Art Tho aims to:

  • Create opportunities for individuals to engage with the visual and creative arts through tangible experiences that encourage imagination and creative thinking.
  • Models techniques and approaches utilised by visual artist in ways that are accessible and meaningful to participants.
  • Offers participants imaginative provocations to instigate creative problems solving and encourage artistic experience and production.
  • Takes a sustainable approach to creating artwork involving recycling, paper products, reusing, repurposing and re inventing materials wherever possible.

Creative Workshops and Art Experiences Activities + Costings

Visual Arts Incursions

Bringing art experiences to your Preschool, Centre or Out Of School Hours Care through open ended art experiences utilising and remobilising your existing materials and facilitator introduced materials. We prepare for an activity to go for a maximum of one to three hours (depending on the routines and time frames of your service) where Artist resources and techniques are facilitated by a Visual Artist and Qualified Early Childhood Teacher with 15 years of teaching experience.

The types of activities on through Visual Arts Incursions are:

  • General drawing technique sessions with pens, pencils, water colour, collage and mixed media.
  • Developing drawing skills in creating a character, story or comic.
  • How to draw animals.
  • Anthropomorphic Drawing: Turning people into animals.
  • Creating mixed media collage utilising drawing materials and recycled or re-purposed materials with an emphasis on sustainability
The Artist Facilitator will set up, maintain and pack down the workshop at its completion. At an additional fee we can write a concise and personalised summary of the activity linking it to Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Standard (NQS) Outcomes for Early Childhood services.

$70 per hour (set up / pack down included)
$50 per workshop summary.

Drawing Workshops Sessions

These experiences are run in small groups (up to six students) running for individuals five years and older. Participants will engage in active drawing experiences where practical strategies will be introduced, discussed and developed with the ultimate outcome of assisting participants to create and realise their own ideas and concepts, have an increased knowledge of drawing and planning skills that suit their individual creative vision.

The classes occur in a short (4 weeks) or long (10 weeks / school term) format, depending on the program that is running. The workshop sessions generally take place Mondays (10 years plus) and Wednesdays (ages 5 to 9) but check workshop ticket information to confirm. By the completion of the Workshops, participants will have an enhanced understanding their own creative process, artistic techniques and most importantly be able to express their creativity and imagination in ways that are meaningful to them. Drawing materials are provided as well as guide sheets, visual reference and creative materials.
    $35 per participant for six participants (maximum amount)
    $45 per participant for four or less (minimum of three)


    Tutorials are a one on one drawing workshop experience with the facilitator that run up to 2 hours per session and can occur in the home, studio or another designated setting. The participant can have an undivided interaction with the artist facilitator exploring their ideas, developing drawing skills and techniques. Tutorials can function as one off lessons or can occur over a series of dates as required. This is ideal for supporting individuals studying Visual Arts or adults wanting to learn and refine skills a familiar and comfortable setting. Drawing materials and paper are provided as well as selected books and visual references.

    $70 per hour.
    Maximum of two hours per session ($140).

    Consultancy Services

    Offering sessions working with adults and professionals to develop skills and an understanding of creativity, expression and imagination. Creative thinking is like a muscle; it can be strengthened if you know the right type of exercise to undertake. For Art Tho focuses on applying creativity as practical a mindset to apply across a range of activities not restricted to the creative and visual arts.

    Cost: $70 per hour. $10 per person attending Inservice / Consultancy.

    Facilitator information

    The classes are delivered by artist Tom Greene. He has (over a decade of teaching experience in the field of early childhood) has a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood. Tom creates artwork under artist identity the Heroic Master Of Pens. He attained an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts from West Wollongong TAFE in 1997. Over the last 20 years Tom has exhibited works in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven, has been published by local independent comic company Bolt Comics. Tom has been conducting workshops independently and in conjunction with, OOSHC settings, Early Learning Centres and the Early Start Discovery Space at the main campus of Wollongong University.

    As an experienced educator Tom has a current Working With Children Check and First Aid Certificate.

    Tom Greene

    Working With Children Check
    Number: WWC0834089E
    Valid for paid or unpaid work
    Expiry: 21 / 10 / 20
    Phone: 0407 238 891
    Email: heroicmasterofpens@gmail.com
    Instagram: @heroicmasterofpens @forarttho

    Want to see the amazing work created by participants?
    Yes, I do Commisions
    Heroic Master Of Pens
    Creating art work for you, but also with you.
    While I am always creating my own work, often with several concepts on the boil, I am always open to working with others. I am happy to create commissioned work, drawings for you or as a gift for others. I do ask that you have a look at my work first and see that it suits what you are looking for.

    Contact me and let's see what we can create.
    Recent Work and Ongoing Projects
    D R A W I N G S
    I identify as a Drawer, being a person who draws. I work primarily with ink pen and paper. When I draw I do not use pencils, instead I ink the concepts directly to paper. This has led me to continually refine my technique as a Drawer, seeking a balance between the confident mark and stylistic ambiguity.
    Top Gun Wolves
    Top Gun Wolves combines the awesomeness of wolves and the ultra 80's machismo of the Tony Scott directed all time classic. As a kid when I was way to young to see this film, one of the many aspects that caught my attention were the highly visually charged (and now cheesy moments) filled with iconic aesthetic details. The now famous helmets with individual call signs and designs, the flight suits, oxygen masks and all the paraphernalia that a pilot needs fascinated me. I just have to be careful not to write checks my body can't cash (if you have watched the movie you will realise that last bit is a clever joke).
    My Open Letter To Adidas

    This Project is part think big submission to a corporation, part fan letter, part drawing series and part great need to draw sneakers. I have a long affinity with 'the three stripe company' and the ten pairs of Adidas Sneakers I own can attest to this. I feel this was kind of inevitable really. At some point my passion for sneakers was going collide with my passion to draw. I actually sent this off to Adidas and unsurprisingly have not heard from them. But I do live in hope...
    Ill Repute Comic

    Ill Repute Comic is a project is taking twenty or more years to realise. The seventeen characters were created through out the last two decades and popped up in various forms and guises throughout my drawings. It was almost like they were waiting to be in this story. The characters that inhabit the town of Ill Repute located in the middle of an endless plain. The series of comic strips that document the going on for a narrative of sorts that will lead some where. I promise.

    Ill Repute Comic is an organic story relating directly to seventeen characters that exist in a town located in the middle of an endless grassy expanse.

    The characters interactions are the basis for the story. The intersection of the characters disparate and absurd natures, problems, secrets, emotions and the history of desolate endless plain create a natural incidental story that aims to evolve in three stages. The citizens of Ill Repute are introduced in comic strips in the first act, setting context for a second act that establishes and moves the characters further. The second act will have a distinct change in tone - focusing sides being taken and divisions being created. The final end to this comic is fairly clear to me, I really want to tell you - but I can't.

    I believe there is a real need for an all ages comic / graphic novel that is not aimed at children, but is an all ages appropriate universal comic that can be enjoyed by anyone who can read it. The content is not dumbed down and the tone varies from light to dark. Some things may need to be explained to younger readers - but doesn't having a conversation about what you are reading with another person encourage and creates a shared literacy experience. Meaningful engagement is really important, in a context where any reader can relate to any other through a visual narrative.

    The comic is still in the works and I continue to write and create stories for this constantly. Over the next few months I will post more preview panels. So if you wish to bear with me on this, keep checking this website and my social media for any news on the front.

    Preview panel from 'Box Of Nunchucks' Ill Repute Comic strip (the character Treybor is featured).
    An excerpt of character biographies to be a part of the final publication (there is also a print available to buy of the character bios, (contact me for more information).
    May 2017, Bolt Comics publication

    It relates very strongly to identifiable ideas of tyranny, rebellion and the reluctant hero. I wanted the first story to be a fun jaunt, really focusing on Stiller as a character, set against the back drop of trouble, high adventure and a healthy dose of capering.

    Comic can be purchased here

    Stiller Brook is significant to me on a personal level. It is my first published work and I story I wanted to tell because I wanted to read it. I was lucky enough to be offered fourteen pages in a local comic publication. My friend Dan, who is one of the creators of my publishers Bolt Comics, said to put something I was working on as long as it was an all ages story.Dan was publishing his anthropomorphic fantasy adventure 'A Brigands Tale relating to the adventures to a crew of vagabond rouges adventuring through world known as Huntenprae - led by hunters Guild honcho Brigand. Central to Dans comic narrative are the various guilds in this realm each with a specific purposes and ethos.This idea caught my imagination. I decided to create a narrative that existed within Huntenprae about an alternate hero, and of course my love of otters took over from there.The following drawings are from the published comic, the original black and white panels and some reference and development sketches I have created for characters who will be appearing in upcoming instalments of this tale.
    A drawing of Stiller Brook aka The River Bandit published in 'Bolt Comics Inktober' (2017)
    A development sketch for the Character Eimer Starblessed who makes his debut in the soon to be released Bolt Comic Presents publication
    A development sketch for 'Gilluss Coldheart', a villain who will appear in the next issue of Bolt Comics presents.

    I am love to draw animals and I am prone to a bit of fantastical anthropomorphic drawing. These drawings are based on images from a beautiful book on the animal kingdom that I picked up at a second had book sale. The Pteronura Brasilliensis or Giant Otter is my favourite animal on earth and because of this I had to draw it twice.
    The Giant Otter, found in rivers and lakes of the Amazon Jungle.
    If I had to describe Stiller Brook in one sentence it would be an anthropomorphic adventurer meets kung fu cops, set against a backdrop of high adventure & a healthy dose of capering.
    Thanks for your support!
    Tom Greene AKA Heroic Master of Pens
    Artist + Teacher + Facilitator
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